22 mm Swirl Flap Blanking Plates Kit with Intake Manifold Gasket for BMW (4 items)


Product description:

22 mm Swirl Flap Blanking Plates Kit with Intake Manifold Gasket for BMW (4 items)

Made precisely the highest quality materials with O-ring 
 From -50 ° C to + 225 ° C.

High resistance to oil and air pressure. Increased resistance to the devastating effects of oil. Non-flammable, resistant to ozone and ultraviolet rays.

Avoid a very expensive engine repair, if the piston will meet with the flap vortex.

The flaps are located in the intake manifold of the engine, the problem lies in the structure of vortex flaps mounted in the intake manifold. Slippers are not resistant to soot that is produced during the exhaust gas recirculation. Carbon black settles on the tabs until they are frozen.

These flaps are intended to improve the combustion of the air fuel mixture in the engine at low speeds. Flip turn a blind is leading to less air chamber. Builders meant to limit the combustion of nitrogen from air to avoid the formation of compound NO2. All this to meet the emission norms.

Mounting caps does not cause any errors operation of the engine, because this system is controlled by the vacuum in the intake manifold and has no connection with the electrics and electronics of the vehicle.

Set contains:

EGR valve gasket VICTOR REINZ - 1 piece

Gasket intake manifold round VICTOR REINZ - 4 pieces

Gasket intake manifold rectangular VICTOR REINZ - 4 pieces

Cover flap vortex diameter of 22mm with O-ring - 4 pcs.

Blanks 22mm application:

1 E87 120D

3 E46 318D M47N

318TD compact


320TD compact

5 E60 520D

5 E60 LCI 520D M47N2

5 E61 520D
5 E61 LCI 520D M47N2